Cafés Urbión

Company history

Cafés Urbión is a coffee roasting and distributing company founded in 1925 by D. Iluminado Beltrán, a real roaster master, and an untiring lover of coffee.

In 2002 the third generation toasters moved the roasting business from the centre to the industrial state of Soria, Las Casas, to improve service quality. It was made an important investment in Coffee Machines , which allowed the computerization and mechanization of the roasting and packaging process, according legislation on force, without neglecting what we had learned from our ancestors; that the aroma and taste of a great coffee is reached by an exact point of roasting that only the traditional techniques are able to obtain.

Cafés Urbión is the oldest coffee roasters of Soria, as it is on record of 1925.

With this artisan tradition going back to the beginning of the 20th century, we have known how to adapt to the innovations demanded by the market and the society.

The philosophy and compromise to always offer the best quality product and service has been, is and will be Cafés Urbión distinctive in our contribution to the market.

Company history